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Mike Hines, co-founder of Homepath Products, posted an article about us on his blog yesterday evening. It is encouraging to hear such kind words and to have our hard work recognized as such. The following is an excerpt from the article:

At Homepath Products we produce the eXapath™ in-wall cable pathway system. It’s a practical building subsystem that enables modification to or upgrading of low voltage cables, even after the walls are closed up. Ideal here because it allows the addition of wall outlets, from floor to ceiling, providing flexibility for the Hebert’s to easily add or upgrade at a future time.

Given the stage of reconstruction eXapath is a good fit and within our means to supply. We’ve donated the system, it solves a problem…it will help the Hebert’s…we wish we could offer more.

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I’ve made the comment many times in the past about how much I dislike permanent cabling systems all tucked away behind drywall. Being total nerds, we’re constantly looking for ways to upgrade and expand our home network. We initially planned to build a fully automated smart home that would allow us to monitor energy usage and do stuff like turn lights off from work. However, that’s one of the things on hold due to our current situation. Mike has graciously donated enough eXapath in-wall cable pathways to ensure that, when the time comes, we will be able to implement the smart home system without damaging existing drywall or insulation.

Thank you Mike for EVERYTHING that you have done for us.