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We’ve been living in the new house for about a week now and really need to get a refrigerator. I’ve been looking around online and have been dissatisfied with my search results. Here’s my dilemma…

Since we live in the country, and have a bunch of kids that eat a lot, we need a separate freezer to store food. The freezer will go in the pantry so it will be close to the kitchen. This got me to thinking that we really could do without the freezer part attached to a standard refrigerator. I mean, I should be able to save money by purchasing a freezerless frig right?

Come to find out, there aren’t many products like what I’m wanting. The first option that I found was refrigerator drawers. These are very attractive, but way too expensive. I did eventually find freezerless refrigerators and the prices aren’t bad. But one feature is missing from all of them – a cold water dispenser.

Although an ice maker would be nice, I don’t mind using ice trays. But I must have a cold water dispenser. We have excellent tasting, chlorine-free well water and all of us, kids included, drink a lot of it at home. I realize that I could keep a pitcher of water in the frig but I know it would ultimately result in less water consumption. I could purchase a free standing water cooler but I don’t like the idea of my water sitting around in a plastic container, not to mention the hassle of refilling the thing. *sigh*

So what to do? I can’t be the only one wanting something like this. Please share your ideas and suggestions…