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Spike Lee is currently filming in South Mississippi for a new documentary, “If God is Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise,” which is reported to be a follow-up to “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.” The first film was very enlightening as it opened my eyes to many events that occurred during a time when communication was nonexistent in South Mississippi. We heard rumors of shootings and such but never anything about how the people in NOLA were treated. That was such a horrific series of events and I couldn’t begin to imagine what it was like for the people stranded in the Superdome.

Not like it was a piece of cake for us over this way. We were all in survival mode, trying to cope with the shock of it all. We lost entire towns..just washed away into the gulf. Looking back it all seems so surreal – destruction, razor wire, machine guns – like news footage from another country. How could I have endured this? How can I continue to endure this? Every evening I watch the local news on WLOX and wonder how long it will be before Hurricane Katrina is not mentioned on a daily basis.

Lee is quoted as saying “… South Mississippians are strong, too, but they need to have faith in the local, state and federal government – these folks have to do their job.” While I agree, I also know that it is hard to have faith in a system that fails the community time and time again. Whether it stems from corruption or a breakdown in communication makes no difference when you are faced with a disaster situation and help is not there.

I am a taxpayer.

I am a teacher.

I am a mother.

I am living in a house without heat or insulation.