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JB, aka the Building Moxie, posted an article about us on his blog:

Picture of Mississippi Power sign in yard taken October 9, 2008… Going on year six now, and much still to do, I ask her what remains. She tells me. “Flooring, trim and painting.” The HardiePlank has been installed, but it is not yet caulked or painted. She tells me of a unique wood configuration in the downstairs bath, and it *is* at about this point that my title comes to me. Sure, here are these folks that have gotten the short end of the stick, but here they are . . .  still, persevering – on their way to what I would consider their dream home.

I mean — Look at this list of elements or features now installed in, on or around their house: OVE – 2×6, 24″ framing, soy-based spray foam insulation, passive solar, mini-split HVAC systems with HVAC condensation reclaimed/collected for garden, hybrid water heaters, Pex plumbing, bamboo flooring, metal roofing, HardiePlank siding, and the eXapath raceway system. Quite an impressive list I would say, and in many ways very “green” — right down to the low and No-VOC coatings used.

Read the full article at http://www.buildingmoxie.com/2010/10/a-well-built-dream-house-with-katrinasos/.