Contractor Fraud NOT Being Prosecuted


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It is truly a sad time when a contractor or framer can commit fraud or damage to your property and not be criminally liable. The framer that we hired so far has cost us over $40,000.00 in repairs to his work, materials and additional construction time. Almost ALL work done by he and his crew had to be removed, the existing structure repaired, and then rebuilt. He committed fraud by giving us false information and damaged our property, yet he is not held accountable by the Mississippi State Attorney Generals Office. WHY??? It seems to be a rather common occurrence.

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Our Story Part 1 – In The Beginning


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August 29, 2005 was a day that changed many lives. It’s Monday morning and hurricane Katrina makes landfall in South Mississippi. The noise from the howling wind and the crack of falling trees send chills through my family as we sit in my brother-in-law Vince’s home waiting for the storm to pass. We are all scared, but safe.

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Contractor Fraud & FEMA Negligence


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Katrina destroyed our home, FEMA destroyed our spirit, and a dishonest contractor destroyed our faith in humanity…

We Need Help!!!

We survived Hurricane Katrina only to become victims of contractor fraud and FEMA’s negligence. Because of this, we do not have enough money to finish our house and are absolutely desperate for help. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.